Repatriation from Norway

In addition to receiving a large number of tourists each year, Norway has also become a diverse society with roots stretching across the globe. Although the deceased may have spent many years in Norway, perhaps even their entire life, burial or cremation in another country may be the right decision for the family based on cultural or religious reasons. Jølstad Repatriation assists both families and corporate clients daily with carrying out this important task and are familiar with the formalities involved.

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Coffin prepared for repatriation

We have specialized knowledge in repatriation services

Jølstad International is a branch of Jølstad funeral homes, one of Norway’s largest and most respected funeral services companies. We have over 40 branches throughout Norway and have a designated team handling our repatriation work. We can assist with the repatriation of human remains from all locations in Norway, including Svalbard.

You can be certain that by putting your trust in us, we will coordinate and carry out our efforts in a professional and dignified manner. Our dedicated team of repatriation experts are ready to assist and answer any questions you may have.

We can assist with the following

  • Each country has their own requirements in order to repatriate human remains. We are familiar with the requirements to most countries and can therefore organize all formalities effectively and precisely.
  • We can provide the family with a full overview of costs before any decisions need to be made.
  • Jølstad International works closely with insurance companies and international repatriation experts.
  • We work frequently with foreign embassies in Oslo and can handle all arrangements for the family.
  • Our company is responsible for the full care of the deceased before the repatriation is carried out. We have our own licensed embalmers (when embalming is required or requested) and expertise in caring for the deceased. Our company frequently holds training workshops for other funeral services companies.
  • We ensure the proper preparation of the coffin or urn before the repatriation in accordance with IATA and airline regulations.
  • Translations, legalization and apostilization of documents is often required. We can assist with this in a timely manner. It is important that all documents are processed correctly to prevent any delays.
  • We have agreements with air cargo companies that can assist with transportation needs to all countries around the globe.
  • Our international network of funeral directors can assist with all formalities on arrival. They can also assist with viewing the deceased, as well as any other funeral arrangements. If the family has already contacted a funeral director in the receiving country, we can ensure that the deceased be transported to that company for further arrangements.
  • We can also assist with applications to NAV (Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration). The deceased may be entitled to financial support to cover funeral costs.

We are here to assist you. We have on-call staff available to assist 24 hours.